hellenic engineers cooperative

Upgrading of social institutions and training of citizens

As Engineers, we feel that our professional occupation has a social sign by its nature and therefore we also feel the responsibility, through the training of citizens, to strengthen the forces of society that promote its well-being. We have as a guide the tremendous growth caused by the establishment of democracy in Athens in 462 BC. and for 140 years. So great as to be called "The Golden Century of  Perikles". So we work for an Academy of Hellenism and Democracy to be one of our departments.

Dept of Hellenism and Democracy Academy
We have already agreements with political scientists who are offering their services for education conferences about Democracy and its real meaning.
- Comparison with what politicians are usually understand about Democracy, which is rather a parliamentary oligarchy born in the kingdom of Britain and not in Greece.
- The nature of choosing deputies by vote based on promises they usually are not keeping.
- Comparison with the way it was done in Athens securing that the chances of the rich was the same as the poor.
The big lines of Academy's political science research and related conferences are:
A) Democracy as a condition for securing the National Independence
B) Democracy and Public Interest.
C) Democracy as a guarantee for the public interest and the human rights
D) Hellenism, Philosophy and Democracy, what are the ties ?
E) Religions and Democracy
F) Reestablishment of Democracy today
Your suggestions and support would be most welcome