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Sublidecor 700 Sublibag 1x10

Machine for the wood effect or wood grain imitation of aluminium architectural profiles

The Main Machine consists in the Oven and a large Trolley at one side in length and one Sheets decoration Platform Trolley at the other side in length on wheels on rails. 

The first trolley is for the charging and Vacuum application on the Heat Transfer Film Bags with the Alum Profiles inside them.
The second trolley at the other side of the oven is bearing the platform for the sheets’ decoration. The machine includes also the General Electric Panel with the PLC, Inverters and other electronic/electric devices and the main Operation panel. A smaller operation panel is adjacent to the sheets’ decoration trolley at the other side.
The loading is possible to be done from both sides of the large Trolley. Each loading position is served by 2 operators.

Sublidecor 700 Sublibag 1x10 | Machine for the wood effect or wood grain imitation of aluminium architectural profiles

The hot air is directed through jet slots transversal to the aluminium profiles positions, striking this way the profiles at high air speed for securing the heating-up speed and the uniformity all sides of the items. 

Hot air Generator with 2 blowers 3 kw each. 
The Burner is a 200 KCAL/Hour capacity one and is of the 2 stage type.
The Machine can process Aluminium profiles 7000  mm, Aluminium Sheets 5000 x 1250 mm or some other flat wide items. It can process also short Profiles (at extra cost at the order or later) with a 
minimum length of 500 mm.
Some other items of different maximum dimensions could be processed too. 
The aluminium profiles already in bags formatted by the plastic transfer film at a previous stage are attached at the special sucking heads supported by the Trolley.

The decoration or “Sublichromia” cycle ends when the temperature sensor on the profiles informs the central controller (PLC) that 30 seconds (or as preset) has passed after the items’ surface temperature has reached the pre-set temperature of 190 or 200 degrees.
Blowing action is applied for separating the film from the Decorated Profiles at the end of the cycle 
while the trolley is automatically retracted out and away the Oven. 
Sheets 1250 mm wide by up to 5000 mm decorated on a special attachment or Platform in 2 alternative ways:
with the help of special heat resistant Rubber Sheets applying pressure to the work pieces previously wrapped with the Transfer Paper or Transfer Film, the platform on a trolley from the other end of the oven, and
for sheets 1250 mm wide by up to 2500 mm long, without rubber membrane on light stainless steel platforms loaded like the bags on the main profiles SUBLIFRAMES, the vacuum applied directly on the film. In this case light platforms could receive even 1500 mm  wide sheets.
Installed Gas Heater Power: 200.000 Kcal/hour
Total installed motor power: 16 KW (or less if no separate platform trolley).
Productivity: Fantastic low curing time: 4 minutes for 10 profiles in the Oven at 205 degrees only, 
leads to up to 6 cycles per hour and per Trolley. 
10 profiles per Trolley per cycle: Total Profiles per Hour estimated up to 60  pieces.
Overall Dimensions of the Machine: 25.000 x 2.200 x 2.250 mm or 18.000 x 2.200 x 2.250 if without sheets trolley.
OPTION: 2 SUBLIFRAMES alternative one side loading system: Increases capacity to 
100 profiles/hour with same no of operators.

 Top and side view of the Oven and the main trolley (the sheets platform trolley not seen in this sketch)

The Oven has 150 mm rock wool insulation at the sides and top and 50 mm at the bottom, while its structure design is based 
on the thermo break principle, breaking the bridges of thermal conductivity for the best possible reduction of heat losses.

Sublidecor 700 Sublibag 1x10 | Machine for the wood effect or wood grain imitation of aluminium architectural profiles

Main machine: trolley, electrical panel, loading the bags, profile in bag under vacuum before curing.

10 installations in the Persian Gulf