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ALCOLOR  PTA 250 x 4 M


The Machine is satisfying the need of the aluminium finishing factory to protect the surface finish of the architectural aluminium profiles by applying a special adhesive tape of low density polyethylene.
The machine applies evenly the protection tape (called also foil or film) on the Aluminium Profiles in their full length and on the 4 sides around.
When a certain aluminium bar is covered in its full length, its feeding stops automatically and is continuing only after the next Aluminium bar is presented by the operator to the driving rolls.
There is a foot switch which enables the operator to stop the profiles' movement for a moment in order to cut the protection tape between the 2 profiles and separate them by pushing the finished one at the side.
At this push at side operation he is helped by a worker placed at the other end of the usually 6 meter aluminium profile bar.

Machine composed by a screw-bolt mounted Body on  base made out of  ITEM anodized structural aluminium system for mechanical constructions, supporting  2 main driving rolls, vulcanized high endurance special rubber cast and rectified, plus 2 more mechanisms for side application of the protection tape.
There are soft position adjustable rolls for achieving the tape application on curved surfaces. The driving roll station is in bridge form construction.

The machine is suitable for applying adhesive tape on up to 4 faces simultaneously and also curved surfaces of aluminium Profiles.
Protection adhesive film is applied simultaneously on the upper, lower and if so wished the side faces too of the Aluminium sections.  Part of these faces could be curved in section.   

Year's 2016 novelty: The upper horizontal vulcanized pressing roller is vertically moving supported by ITEM linear bearings (photos below)
As an option the touching on the profiles is clearly indicated by a micro metric watch by amplifying the related springs' compression.


Technical  Characteristics:

Motor: 380 V, 3 phase, 50 HZ, 1/2 HP driven by Inverter.  
Diameter of Driving and Pressing Rollers:  110 mm
Feed speed of Profiles:   5  up to 30 meters/min        
Maximum Width of Profile’s Section:    250 mm.  Maximum height:    150 mm.
Five (5) horizontal and Four (4) vertical fixed free rolls for the support of the moving profiles.
Two moving vertical free rolls for the guidance of the moving profiles adjustable through endless screw and steering wheels.
2 stations for the lateral application of protective tape on 3rd and 4th profile’s section, one of them been stable for the application on width 0 and the second one been adjustable in position at widths up to 250 mm.