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Alcolor Dryspal machines

Model ALCOLOR Dryspal 2x3 HD

July 2010

The machine is working dry without spending water and its inherent pollution problems. It is based on a new German technology sanding disc developed by Kemper GmbH, the discs model Original-KEMPER®-Sanding Star.

The aluminium profiles are fed several of the same height in parallel through polyurethane vulcanized and rectified driving rollers in a way that both upper and lower surface are in contact with the rotating brush discs as schematic figure below. The sanding discs are of 200 mm diameter and are at the following sequence:

1 couple upper and lower blocks of special sanding discs type KEMPER-Sanding Star grit 120, 30 pieces each

1 couple upper and lower blocks of special sanding discs type KEMPER-Sanding Star grit 180, 30 pieces each

1 couple upper and lower blocks of special sanding discs type KEMPER-Sanding Star grit 200, 30 pieces each

This way we ensure the cleaning of the aluminium surface and elimination of the bonded chips remaining from the aluminium extrusions cut to length and consequent aging at the extrusion shop.

By the same time we could have a satin finish for a consequent anodizing process.

The quality of sanding discs type KEMPER-Sanding Star is of recent European technology and ensures that no remaining from the sanding discs are left or bolted at the aluminium surface. So we avoid what we often have with stainless steel or nylon brushes.

In case  the aluminium is going to be anodized, it is also possible to use scotch-brite discs instead, for a nice mat finish.

Another possibility is to use polishing buffs and paste supply mechanism in order to achieve a polished mirror finish result. More brush stations could be necessary in this case.

In various points there is suitable air suction for taking away the small quantity of brushed dust parts or chips or other impurities in the closed space around the brushes and profiles.  This air sucking circuit through cyclone and final filter is ensuring the maintenance of a negative pressure in the closed space of the machine so dust or impurities are not flying in the working space around the machine. This is an operation like with the powder coating Booths so negative pressure is created and there is no risk of working environment contamination.

At the front of the Machine there is an upper opening transparent polycarbonate door, formatting one side of the brushing area booth as above described.

There is a free roller loading in feed table and a 6 meter free roller unloading table with the WAP put-at-side option for the automatic lateral movement and accumulation of the brushed aluminium profiles.

Weight: approx 1000 Kg

Brush Motors: 6 by 3 KW each

Profile driving motors: 2 by 0,5 KW each

Sucking ventilator: 3 KW

Total motor power installed: 22 KW

Feed profiles velocity: 6 to 12 m/min

Total width of profiles’ feed: 250 mm

Production capacity of architectural profiles: up to 3 tons per hour

Above it is shown the general main machine arrangement. Shown also the possibility of disc packs orientation