hellenic engineers cooperative

ecological and socially beneficial waste management

Dept of Solid waste management in municipalities

The issue concerns a loss of revenue for the Municipalities of the order of millions of euros per year, 1 billion nationally, which could have upgraded the level of services of the Municipalities at a much better level, for the benefit of all.
What we are proposing is not our own innovation but what has been happening in Europe and more generally in advanced countries for decades now.
Our Cooperative of engineers is proposing the economical and technical management of solid waste in the country's municipalities and the protection of the health of citizens from pollutant landfills through their gradual abolition, which is also a medium-term EU Community obligation.
A tool to achieve this goal is designing and organizing the solid waste  management (SWM) by sorting at source with some financial incentives for the citizens, so they cooperate for the sorting at source operation.
A key to the overall management is that there stop existing non monitored recyclables’ collection sites.

It is the main cause of the failure of the blue bucket system, and it is up to the Municipalities instead of the private to have an important revenue.