hellenic engineers cooperative

Sector of Buildings’ Certifications

• Issue of building permits
• Regulation of arbitrary buildings according law No.4495 / 17
• Engineer Certificates - Energy Certificates
• Renovation - repair of housing
• Topographic plots
• Roof Insulations - Heat Facades of Buildings
• Commercial shops’ licenses
• Business security technician’s services


The Small Scale Works, in accordance with article 29 par. 2 of Law 4491/17 (Government Gazette 167A), as it stands, stipulates the following:
a. Ground tests and excavation following a document from the competent archaeological service.
b. Installation of prefabricated dwellings to cover housing needs of disadvantaged and special population groups or self-restitution of repatriates as provided for.
c. Pumping installations and buildings with the absolutely necessary dimensions for housing in accordance with Article 3 of the Presidential Decree. 24 / 31.5.1985 (D '270), except where columns are required to be built and approved by the competent Directorate for Agriculture.
d. Construction of underground cemetery facilities serviced by external solid-type systems, if required and provided that the height of the structures at no point exceeds one (1,00) m from the final level of the ground.
e. Installation of temporary constructions of par. 74 no. 2 v.4067 / 12 accompanied by a certificate of static competence.
f. The construction of a lift in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 27 of Law 4067/12 required for the movement of persons with disabilities or handicapped persons in existing buildings or in buildings with a non-standard ELOT-EN 81 -70, or in buildings where elevator elevations need to be extended to accommodate people with disabilities or handicapped persons.
g. Cutting of trees within approved street plans or ZOE as well as in pre-1923 settlements and settlements delimited by the Presidential Decree of 24.5.1985. without prejudice to forest law.
Underground stations for the distribution or measurement and regulation of natural gas.
i. Scaffolding. In this case, a deposit and Security and Health Facility File is required, with the appointment of the coordinator responsible with the stipulations in p. 305/1996 (Α '305) and declaration of assumption of responsibility by an engineer for the supervision of the project.
j. Installation of construction sites.
k. Excavation of cable routing channels within the plots or stations of liquid fuel stations for the installation of input - output systems.
l. Exterior coloring or rail replacement or repair of coatings or face repairs using scaffolding.
m. Reinforcing facades and replacing curtains with scaffolding.
n. Construction of pergolas over 50m2. in open-plan grounded rooms, chalets, on terraced terraces, or in terraces, in open-air spaces and open balconies.
o. Installation of a waste water tank or swimming pool with a maximum surface area of ​​50 m2. which are serviced by compacted external compressor systems and are not required to be fitted with a reinforced concrete wall and provided that the height of all structures at no point exceeds one (1,00) meter from the final ground level and Excavations or landscaping of the natural terrain of more than one (1,50) meter are required for the placement, the necessary planting of the mandatory open space is respected. The installation requires a statement from a competent engineer who assumes the responsibility of the static and electromechanical safety of the construction and the installations.
p. Ventilation ducts and other installations (v.4067 / 12, No. 19 par. 2b, 2d, 2f, 3)
q. Internal arrangements, provided that the elements of the building structure are not affected.
r. Construction of planted and planted surfaces.
s. Installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar systems on exterior facades.
Maintenance, roof repair using scaffolding.
Ms. Simple rooting from masonry up to a height of (1.00) meters or fencing from lightweight material, land outside the design area and in settlements lacking city design.
vv. Fencing with rough construction on plots not planted within design areas.
w. The construction of a single stone-built warehouse per farm, according to article 6 par. 24 / 31.5.1985 Gazette 270D, with a surface of up to fifteen (15) square meters and a total roof height of up to three (3) meters, provided no reinforced concrete is used on its roof and is manufactured irrespective of any existing main building, time for each stadium and after approval by the competent Agriculture Directorate.
n. Manufacture of fireplaces, ovens, fireplaces for professional use where these do not affect the static adequacy of the wearer.
m. Manufacture of fireplaces, stoves, fireplaces in independent residential property where these do not affect the static adequacy of the wearer.
. Reconstruction of the roof, with the submission of a static proficiency statement by a competent engineer.
w. Functional pooling of premises according to par. 5 no. 23 of Law 4067/12.
m. Add area of up to 5 m² exclusively for reasons of hygiene and use, in pre-existing buildings on 31 January 1983, in stationary settlements and settlements prior to 1923 and under 2000 residents, without requiring the legality of the building.
. External thermal insulation work or thermal insulation of roofs in the framework of the "Home saving" program.
Installation of autonomous heating system.
La. Hinges and blankets of paragraphs 72 and 79 no. 2 of Law 4067/12.
λβ. Interventions in the building faces for the modification or opening of exposures, provided that the bearing body is not affected and the interventions are not contrary to more specific provisions.
λc. Legalization of work requiring Small Scale Approval.
ms. Perform tasks requiring Small Scale Approval from more specific provisions.


The security technician provides advice and suggestions, verbally and in writing on Health & Safety issues, covering the requirements of Law 1568/85 and Presidential Decrees. 294/88, 17/96 and 95/99. In particular, it provides consulting services related to:

• Risk Identification / Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment. Recording of existing occupational hazards and appropriate safety and protection measures.

• Plant safety.

• Recording of Emergency Procedures (fire, earthquake, terrorism).

• Assessment of fire protection, emergency and escape systems.

It is obligatory to exist in any company employing even one employee (N 3850/2010 & 1586/1985) with the aim of ensuring the health and safety of every employee in the company. Its role is to:

• Consultancy services of the company in the OSH issues

• Controlling and overseeing the safety of the facility

• Proposals for the addition of safety equipment where required as well as preventive maintenance of machinery

• Suggestions for safe methods of performing production processes

• Proposals for the required MAP

• Investigation, monitoring and recording of accidents at work

• Elaboration of Emergency Plans

• Suggestions for the correct marking of the workspace

• Training the staff at your premises



All property transfers from now on with Law No.4495 / 17 are made only with the attachment of a responsible engineer's declaration, which will certify that there is no real estate infringement at all.
We provide the special certificate of engineer who is the identity of a property and secures a buyer and owner from a possible cancellation of a contract due to building violations that even the owner of the property may not know. In the transfer certificate, it is ascertained that the property has been built according to its building permit.
The engineering certificate is issued by us directly (if you have the building permit plans) in 24 hours. If it is a non-urban property, a topographical layout is required with ERA87. The Engineer's Certificate applies to all properties with or without a building, replacing the identity of a property and securing a buyer and landlord from a potential contract cancellation due to building violations that the property owner is unaware of.
In this engineer's certificate, after being checked by the Engineer on the property, according to his building permit, his approved architectural designs, any legitimations etc, shall be ascertained whether the property has been built according to its building that the property has not been installed in an arbitrary manner and whether it has been legalized by any law or has been regulated under the current law on arbitrary, the MECHANICAL CERTIFICATE is compiled in accordance with the specifications of article 83 of Law 4495/17. The MECHANICAL CERTIFICATE does not include the control of common or common areas of the property.
• Assignment of the MECHANICAL CERTIFICATION procedure to Engineer by the Property Owner.
• In the MECHANICAL CERTIFICATE, a Declaration of the Owner is attached, that there is no building in the property, or that in the separate independent, horizontal or vertical co-ownership have not been executed, arbitrary constructions.
• If there is a joint ownership, the plans of the Building License Study (if issued) relating to the property, or if it is arbitrary, or the arbitrariness of the Town Planning Regulation, are provided in the Mechanical Property Agreement, the Establishment of Horizontal or Vertical Ownership, there are.
• It is carried out on site at the premises of Autopsy and Control by the Engineer, the proper implementation of the Licensed Studies provided,
• The Engineer transmits the data of the Owner and the Lawfulness of the Property through an electronic system to the Technical Chamber of Greece and the corresponding MECHANICAL CERTIFICATE is issued.


Whether it is:
• Addresses of the industrial address (workshops, crafts, etc.), Health Care Office (cafes, restaurants etc.), Ministry of Transport (parking, car workshops) and Ministry of Education (kindergartens, playgrounds etc.)
You will find an experienced engineer who offers high-quality services at reasonable prices.
Our team is here to offer you their services from:
• the right choice of space whether it is a new plot or existing space,
• Pre-screening the site to be sure that it has the required legislative specifications,
• the preparation of studies and plans, in accordance with the Legislation and your own requirements,
• Change in Urban Planning, where appropriate,
• the renewal of Fire, Environmental Impact, or other where applicable,
• support for complaints, fines, etc.,
• and the construction of the space infrastructure,
• until the publication of the Operating Notification


We undertake your briefing on possible architectural overflows in your property, free site control of your site, information about its legality and the procedures required for possible overflow regulation under Law 4495/17.
Setting up urban overruns and issuing a unique number of property is not just the typical process you need for a possible future transfer or sale of your property. It requires knowledge, experience and technical and legal actions that will permanently affect the future value and use of your property!


According to Law 4495/17, article 29, par. A Building Permit is required to perform any building work that does not fall under the small-scale building operations and concerns in particular:
a) Construction, addition and repair of buildings.
b) Demolition of constructions except in the cases of par. 3, article 29, Ν4495 / 17.
c) Excavations or subsoilings of more than 0,80 m / s, as well as coatings, landscaping and landscaping for the purpose of building.
d) Swimming pool construction.
(e) Change in use, if change to the most unfavorable, in the elements of the cover diagram or design loads of the static design or change of mechanical installations in their passage from other floors or communal spaces.
(f) Construction of retaining walls, as well as fencing and fencing not covered by the approval of small-scale construction works.
(g) Construction of underground tanks.
(h) Installation of underground, prefabricated liquid and gaseous fuel tanks at service stations.
i) Works of par. 2 (approval of small-scale construction works) with a budget of more than twenty five thousand (25.000,00) euro.
(j) Legalization of any work done for which a building permit is required.