hellenic engineers cooperative

Hellenic Engineers Cooperative

A cooperative of engineers of all disciplines in the general context of a planned promotion of the country's productive reconstruction with the Society as final beneficial.

Our actions are according domains, specializations and history of successful working life the following:

A. Industrial Equipment Division with machinery and materials for painting processing of architectural aluminum which equipment we export on a global scale.

B. Sector of certification, regulations, building permits. With services for building permits, Settlement of Laws N.4495 / 17, Certifications of engineer - Energy Certificates, Renovation - repair of houses, Topographic plot, Insulation of roofs - thermo-view of buildings, Licensing of shops.

C. Sector of civil engineering with a Laboratory for Non-Destructive Testing Research Services of the existing building that you are interested in, in order to reliably measure the index of earthquake resistance of the load-bearing structure (columns, beams, reinforced concrete slabs). Then we provide a technical report on results evaluation following the investigations, as well as very specific structural advice-recommendations-proposals for the improvement and rehabilitation of the investigated building as well as precise forecasting of the tasks and costs that may be required.

D. Sector of Architectural Design and Projects. In the field of architectural design we produce high-quality architectural studies for building projects. We multiply the possibilities offered by each property for the optimal solution. We can also look at the investment potential of your property and suggest solutions. Especially for investments in real estate development, we have the ability to prepare business plans that accompany the architectural proposals. The architectural proposals are accompanied by photorealistic presentations and costing of the project.

E. Sector of ecological and socially beneficial waste management. Department of Urban Solid Waste Management (USW). Implementation of modern technology in the ecological management of waste of houses and industries with a social sign via ecological resource savings. We propose methods and systems as they have been in place for decades now in Europe and more generally in industrially developed countries. Tool is the benefit to municipalities of designing and organizing our USW management of USW (Urban Solid Waste) by sorting at source and financial incentives for the public. A key to the overall management is that there are no unguarded recyclable materials sites.

F. Sector for the upgrading of social institutions and training of citizens. As Engineers, we feel that our occupation has a social sign by its nature. Τherefore in department A of this 6th Sector we work for the establishment of an Academy of Hellenism and Democracy. We feel the responsibility, based purely on the political science and not on political parties’theories, through the training of citizens, to strengthen the forces of society that promote its well-being. We have as a guide the tremendous economic and cultural growth caused by the establishment of Democracy in Athens back in 462 BC. and for a period of 140 years. So great as to be called "The Golden Century of Perikles".   

In department B of this 6th Sector we work and are dedicated to projects which promote Ecology and the Society’s Wellbeing or Good life.